Gitenstein: Romania has to ensure stabile and predictible business environment

Romania earned a lot, over the past years, thanks to the trade with the US and to those over 10 billion dollars invested by the American companies, but to attract American investors it needs a stabile and predictable environment, the new American Ambassador to Romania, Mark Gitenstein said in his first press conference since taking over his new position.

The American diplomat said that transparency, reforming regulations, strengthening and implementing the state of law and increasing consultation and partnership efforts with the international business community are needed.

I step in only when the American citizens and companies signal me that they are facing problems in Romania as regards the rule of law. He gave assurances he would be honest with the Romanian authorities when they signal problems he can help with, such as the justice reform the regulation and implementation of laws.

On the other hand, Mark Gitenstein pointed out that the US had no reason to display a superior attitude, because it had taken it 100 years to enforce the state of law while Romania is expected to do that in only 20 years.

Asked to explain what exactly he meant by a stronger state of law and the law implementation, Gitenstein insisted on the fact that the American companies needed a stabile and predictable environment.

Against this background, the Ambassador, who attended on Tuesday the opening of the Ford Factory in Craiova (south west of Bucharest) highlighted the importance of developing infrastructure in the area.

Another example, in terms of planning, is developing infrastructure, Gitenstein said. 300,000 cars will be produced by the Ford Factory in Craiova every year.

There should be a plan for a train connection or a motorway system for those cars to reach Constanta (south east of Bucharest, at the Black Sea). That requires a real project, a real and predictable budget, the American diplomat said.

Mark Gitenstein added that, in case of illegal activities related to these projects, the American Govt and companies want to make sure that people who break the law will be sent to Court.

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