Government to hold sitting on Sunday

The Government will hold a sitting at 10 a.m. on Sunday to discuss the amendments the parliamentarians are to lodge on the draft laws that the Government will assume responsibility for, Prime Minister Emil Boc announced at the beginning of the Cabinet’s sitting, on Wednesday.
According to him, the MPs may table amendments to the draft laws, by Friday midnight.

‘The involved ministries and the Premier will analyze the amendments, on Saturday and on Sunday, the Government will hold sitting and decide which of the forwarded amendments can be accepted, under the circumstances they observe the ruling programme, the national pact on education, the established macro-economic limits the reference indices from the perspective of the Accord with the IMF and the EC,’ PM Boc specified.

The Government decided to assume responsibility for three law packages, namely on the education, the unitary pay in the budget system and the restructuring of the agencies subordinated to it, the rationalization of the public expenses, the support of the business environment and the observance of the Accord with IMF and the EC.

The MPs may lodge amendments to the draft laws on the education, the unitary pay of the budget employees and the reorganization of the governmental agencies, by Friday Sept 11, and PM Boc is to assume responsibility before the Parliament for these three normative acts, on Sept 15, the Joint Standing Bureaus of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies decided on Monday.

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