Nearly 7,000 public employees to be laid off by end-year

Nearly 7,000 public employees from governmental agencies will be laid off by end-year as part of a restructuring process, governmental adviser with the prime minister’s work apparatus Catalin Baba announced on Wednesday.

Baba said that out of the total number of agencies considered for restructuring, 223, 112 will stay, 33 of which are institutions regulated under agreements with the European Union.
The restructuring will witness the discarding of 9,321 public posts, 1,500 of which are vacancies.

Under the restructuring draft law, for which the Government will assume responsibility before Parliament, 8,526 posts at governmental agencies will be cut, to which 477 posts at the National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF) are added that are discarded under a Government decision about to be issued plus 60 posts at the Justice Ministry, which are cut under Government Decision 652/2009.

At the same time, under a memorandum approved this August, 258 posts at eight research- development departments of the Ministry of Communications, the Regional Development Ministry, the Labour Ministry and the Health Ministry are shed.

Besides, the Economy Ministry laid off 4,821 employees as of August 1 and a further 5,416 will be laid off August 1 – December 31.

In August, 13 commercial companies and national corporations operating under the authority of the Economy Ministry conducted a cut staff that left 2,000 unemployed and qualifying for redundancy pay.

Under the draft law concerning the restructuring of governmental agencies, for which the Government will assume political responsibility, the staff of the discarded agencies will be hired by the institutions that will take over their activity, within the limit of the available openings, and paid according to their former job description.

Employment termination as a result of the restructuring will be performed in accordance with the legal procedures in force applicable to the corresponding staff categories and the social protection legal provisions in force, based on criteria established by the management and employees’ representatives.

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