ONRC: More than 150,000 companies suspended their activity January through August

There were 105,537 companies over January – August 2009 in Romania that suspended their activity, almost 12 times the figure a year before, when there were recorded 8,241 such cases, according to the data made public on the Web page of the National Trade Registry Office (ONRC).

According to the abovementioned document, most of the cases of suspension were recorded in Bucharest (16,313), by 13 times more compared with the same interval in 2008, when there were recorded 1,162 such cases.

The central-western city of Cluj Napoca followed in the ranking by the number of suspensions of businesses, with 6,350 cases (an increase by 2429.88 percent on 2008), while ranking 3rd was the central city of Brasov City, with 5,047 suspension cases, 11 times compared with the figure corresponding to the same interval last year, when there were recorded 410 such suspension procedures.

With regards to the number of voluntary dissolutions, it increased, January through August up to 13,270, that is by 512.37 more cases compared with the same interval in 2008, when there were recorded 2,167 dissolutions.

Bucharest remains the leader when it comes of the number of dissolutions too, with 3,376 companies having been dissolved voluntarily, followed by Bihor (western Romania) and Arges (southern), with 907 and 735 cases of dissolution respectively.

With regards to the voluntary deregistrations, ONRC announced that, in the first eight month of 2009, there existed 26,805 companies that chose this solution, an increase by 181.74 percent on 2008.

The total number of active economic operators stood at 1,043,547, on August 31, among which 337,053 were corporations and 706,494 individuals.

According to the ONRC, the total number of new registrations of economic operators in Romania slump by 18.5 percent January through August, in 2009, compared with the same interval a year before, from 101,448 down to 82,650 new registrations.

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