Orban: Inquiry committee will ask start of criminal inquiry against Tourism minister

The hearings in „Udrea Committee” ended, with the committee saying that the attempt to call to the hearings other people from the Ministry of Tourism „have no kind of justification, ” said on Tuesday, Sept 8, head of the Committee Ludovic Orban.

According to him, the inquiry committee has decided that in the final report included is to be a distinct point, asking the start of the criminal inquiry against Tourism minister Elena Udrea for the infringement of the regulations of the constitutional provisions, of the law of ministerial responsibility, and for the violation of the regulation of the Chamber of Deputies.

„This request evidently is the result of the behaviour of the minister of tourism and of the ministry, going counter to the obligation of each ministry to put at the disposal of any parliamentary committee all the required information and documents.

This is an act of violation of the ministerial responsibility, setting, under article 8, that crime is supply of information not in line with reality, for the committees of inquiry and the unjustified refusal to make it available for any parliamentary committee the requested information and documents.

It is evident that, from the statements of the minister of tourism, and that has been demonstrated from the official answers of the Ministry of Tourism, from the statements of the minister of tourism, from all the correspondence, that the Ministry of Tourism and the minister violated these articles of the Constitution and of the Law of ministerial responsibility,” Orban explained.

He mentioned that three rapporteurs were designated on each field of the report, and at the meeting of the committee on Thursday, each of them will present a first draft law, and the finalization of all the expertise s was decided on.

According to Orban, the report of the Commission will be forwarded to the standing Bureau, and it will decide if it is still necessary, before the debate in the plenum, to be sent to other committees.

At stake being a minister who also has the quality of deputy, it is necessary, in my opinion, to have the okay of the legal Committee, the issue of interest being the start of the legal inquiry, ” said the president of the committee.

He added that the members of the committee set Tuesday, Sept 15, as the date for the final drawing up of the report and its submission to the final debate, and on Wednesday, Sept 16, the report will be finalized.

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