Outer space, just for scientific and civilian applications in Romania

Romania does not have the capability of using the outer space for military purposes, only for scientific and civilian applications, presidential adviser Iulian Fota told a meeting on Wednesday in Bucharest of the Romanian Conference for Space Applications, CRAS 2009.

Fota said that to Romania, activities carried out in the outer space are of national interest, but the area is seen as of European interest as well. The Romanian Space Agency still has some very serious problems to manage, including natural catastrophes, said Fota.

Also attending the meeting, state secretary with the Foreign Ministry Bogdan Aurescu said Romania has been a traditional advocate of strengthening dialogue over preventing the arming of the outer space.

He said the ongoing conference is useful, adding that the activities in the filed of space applications have become highly important and are part of daily realities.

Also attending the conference are Chairman of the Romanian Space Agency Dumitru Prunariu; head of the International Affairs Department of the European Space Agency Chris de Cooker; space research director with the European Commission Reinhard Schulte-Braucks and chairman of the Polish MP group for the space.

CRAS 2009, the second edition of the Romanian Conference for Space Applications, is organised Wednesday and Thursday by the sub-committee on space of the Romanian Parliament and the Romanian Space Agency.

The attendees are discussing Romanian activities in the space, the European space policy and the role of national parliaments in space policy and development.

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