Over 45pc of Romanians have confidence in recovery of Romanian labour market within one year at the most

As many as 45.4 percent of Romania’s population are optimistic as regards the recovery of the labour market in the upcoming period, from the total, 18.6 percent pointing to a period of at least one month and 26.8 percent of maximum 6 months, reads an online survey conducted by recruitment portal NetJobs.ro.

NetJobs research also shows that 25.6 percent of Romanians believe the labour market will recover within one year at most, whereas other 6 percent estimate that more than two years are needed for the labour market’s recovery.

According to the online conducted survey, the most optimistic were young people aged between 18 and 25 years (36.2 percent), followed by young people aged between 26 and 35 years (31.1 percent).

Moderate optimism showed visistors of the web site aged between 36-50 years (28 percent) and by far the most pessimistic are people aged between 51-65 years, 4-7 percent waiting for the recovery of the labour market.

The latest batch of respondents motivated their options referring to the Government’s lack of interest for boosting the employment offer, but also the international crisis.

According to the survey, agriculture (87.7 percent), Internet/New Media (66 percent), Constructions (54 percent), Transport/Logistics (53 percent) are the fields with the best development perspectives.

At the opposite pole are sales, engineering and the administrative sector in the recovery of which believe 33 percent, 36 percent and 43 percent respectively of the interviewed.
NetJobs survey was conducted over August 19-September 7 on a batch of 1,087 visitors of the portal.


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