PM meets general manager of operations of Renault Dacia Group

PM Emil Boc had, on Tuesday, Sept 8, at Victoria governmental Palace, a meeting with general manager of the operations of Renault-Dacia group, Patrick Pelata, says a release of the government.

During the interview, the prime minister showed the readiness of the Gov’t to back up the auto makers, with a view to the boosting of the relevant industry, appreciating at the same time the contribution brought by Renault-Dacia carmaker to the development of the Romanian relevant auto industry.

In this context, the prime minister stressed the fact that the Gov’t will assume, in Parliament, responsibility as regards the extension of the Ramshackle Programme also to legal persons, with a view to the stimulation of the relevant industry and the renewal of the car park.

Also, the Executive intends to continue the programme of renewal of the car park in 2010 too.

For his part, general manager of Renault-Dacia Patrick Pelata stressed the support given by the Romanian authorities to the auto industry, especially by the implementation of this programme and pointed to the opportunities and development prospects of Renault Co, in the Romanian market.

At the meeting, along with the prime minister, participating from the Gov’t was minister of Economy Adriean Videanu. The Renault-Dacia group was also represented by Francois Fourmont, general manager Renault in Romania, Philip Prevel, general manager Renault Technologie Roumanie,
Constantin Stroe, Dacia-vice-president, and Jacques Chauvet, Renault director for Euromed region.

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