Sarbu: I hope that minimum salary of 705 lei in 2010 will be stipulated at end of year in a Government Decision

The minimum salary in the economy in 2010 will stand at 705 lei and I hope that this will be stipulated at the end of the year in a Government resolution, said on Tuesday, Sept 8, minister of Labour Marian Sarbu, after a meeting with minister for Employment in Sweden, Sven Otto Littorin.

The minimum salary in the economy in 2010 will stand at 705 lei, this being the coefficient 1 stipulated in the uniform salary law.

My point of view is that it will be mentioned at the end of this year in a Government resolution, because the minimum salary in the economy is annually set by a government resolution,” said Sarbu, admitting that all the salaries under this level will reach 705 lei in 2010.

Minister Marian Sarbu also said that the International Monetary Fund, IMF, and also the European Union and the World Bank agree with the increase in the minimum salary in the economy to 705 lei.

Also, he reiterated that the new uniform salary law for the budget sector does not say that the base salaries will be dropped, neither will be the big ones.

Moreover, according to minister Sarbu, the year 2010 will represent, from the point of view of the state salary system also a reform system, and a system of simplification and improvement of all the functions, in the sense of a fall in the number of operations.

„Because at present, we have a rather complicated system, extremely dense in functions.

Also, among the various functions, there are extremely small differences, because the steps between a function and the other, and all the functions existing between the basic ones are extremely small and that is why we will have to simplify this system,” Sarbu also said.

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