Spanish Ambassador: Spain bets on Romania’s future

Spain is among the countries that made a real bet on Romania’s future, the Spanish Ambassador to Bucharest Estanislao de Grandes Pascual on Monday stated, at a meeting of the Romanian Senators with the Spanish businessmen in Romania.’

Senator Viorel Badea and the Romanian-Spain friendship parliamentary group’s initiative to convene this meeting was a very inspired one, with the large participation of the members of the Spanish business environment proving their interests in Romania, also proven by the significant number of Spanish companies currently operating on the Romanian market.

Spain is one of the countries that made a real bet on Romania’s future, with Spain and Romania enjoying excellent bilateral relations too,’ the Ambassador said.

He also added that the solidity of the relation between the two states was also proved by the recent visit of Their Royal Highnesses’ Prince and Princess of Asturias recent visit to Romania, and the 4,000 Spanish companies in Romania also confirmed it.

According to the Ambassador, the meeting on Tuesday, at the Palace of Parliament, was a very important one, for it offered the Spanish businessmen the opportunity to explain to the Romanian MPs their problems and also to present their future project in the investment field.

Eduardo Prieto, the representative of the Embassy’s economic and commercial office, highlighted the interest of the Spanish companies, in the context in which, in the latest ten years, the bilateral commercial relations intensified, with the total trade volume between the two countries, in the latest four years, having reached 2 thousands million euros.

He also appreciated that both parties will have to gain if measures are taken to solve certain problems such as the delays in payments, problems related to the value added tax, and also asking for an increase in the transparency of the deals and for the reducing of bureaucracy.

He also suggested that the elaboration of a catalogue with the most important difficulties the Spanish businessmen confront on the Romanian market.

In his turn, the head of the Romanian-Spain friendship parliamentary group Viorel Badea stated that the meeting on Tuesday was meant as one from a longer series of meeting to join the two parties.

He also added that he wanted to create a forum to organize these meetings on the regional level too, with the support from the local authorities too. Badea said that Romania could set up a platform to help launching foreign investments in the Republic of Moldova.

The head of the economic committee with the Romanian Senate Varujan Vosganian in his turn showed that the economic crisis should not end in a blockage of the business, but should instead stimulate a redirecting, highlighting that Romania presents numerous investment opportunities.

‘We are expecting the Spanish expertise in such field as the financial markets, especially in the banking and insurance sectors, in the energy area, both while referring to the modernization of the existing infrastructure and investments in renewable energy, investments in the transfer of technology and in technological parks, for which we have enough space, and also in the field of agriculture and food industry,’ the Senator said.

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