Basescu: Fact that courts do not function is against law

President Traian Basescu said, on Thursday, at the Upper Council of Magistrates, CSM, that the fact that the courts do not function is against the law.
„I want you to know that I have not come to attend the whole meeting, I have come only to say my point of view related to what happens in justice now. I would you like to know my interpretation, if it has some value for you.

The fact that the courts do not work, that trials are not held is against the law. Virtually, it is a strike which many of you do not have even the courage to call ‘strike’, but this is what it is,” Basescu said.

According to him, justice has to enter legality immediately. „I kindly ask you that justice enters legality,” he said.
Basescu criticized the fact that there is a big number of judges and prosecutors who have pensioning decisions in their pocket and do not apply them.

„I believe that CSM should immediately use their pensioning prerogatives. And, finally, I think that the inspection should take note if the law for the operation of justice is observed in court.

I believe that the blocking of trials, their postponement is not legal. As you can notice, I always say „I believe”, „I do not believe.” They are not verdicts, they are opinions, please analyze them. All this is not detrimental to the political class, it is detrimental to justice, to those waiting for justice.

Anyhow, too many were waiting for that. With the trials postponed, it is hard to understand that, and if I am not mistaken there are some three million people who are affected by the blocking of the activity of courts,” said Basescu.

He emphasized that it is extremely important that a signal by given by CSM on Thursday of resumption of the full activity in justice, of non-postponement of the trials.

„I can hardly call it strike, because the law does not allow you to be on strike. I would draw a conclusion: the resuming of the activity of courts is extremely important, secondly, the implementation of the pensioning decisions which many magistrates have in their pocket, thirdly, the interim is no solution, they even show the temptation to make you mould on the political realities.

It is you who are negating what you say everyday for that matter – the independence of justice.
Maybe through your attitude. What matters is your attitude, the setting of interim positions, the prolongation of mandates, that are illegal, in my opinion …

I thank you, if you are taking my appeal into account. I wish you success, I wish you to make wise decisions and good solutions, for the prestige of justice to no longer continue to be affected,” Basescu also said.

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