Boc’s paradox: Everybody’s discontent can stand proof of good law

PM Emil Boc is of the opinion that the general discontent with the uniform salary law for the public employees can be the very proof of a good law.

„Maybe the paradox is exactly that a discontent of everybody proves the fact that the law is good,” stressed Boc, answering to the question if there is a professional category that is content with the new regulations.

Asked whether a law that pleases nobody can be considered to be good, Boc was more specific. „Each is discontent with an aspect. One cannot please everybody. The salary money is limited, for that matter. It has to be divided for a big number of people, function of everybody’s work, and everybody believes he or she deserves more.”

He emphasized that in the drawing up of the law, the Executive has made „an effort of consultation with the trade unions, the employers’ associations, the trades, the people in the relevant fields.”

„We have consulted the European laws, we have eliminated the privileges in the system, the discrepancies, and we are drafting a law of good sense, a correct one,” Boc also said.

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