Bogdan Ciuca: We agree Gov’t to assume responsibility, although we believe debate in Parliament would have been better choice

Spokesman of the Conservative Party (PC) deputy Bogdan Ciuca on Thursday stated that, while paying a visit to the eastern city of Galati, the political party he represented agreed with the Government assuming responsibility for the law package on education, unitary public pay and restructuring of national agencies, but that PC would have rather preferred a debate on the matter in Parliament.

‘The PC pleaded, within the PSD-PC coalition (made up of the Social Democratic Party – PSD, which is also part of the governing partnership with the Liberal Democratic Party, and PC), for a parliamentary debate to focus the abovesaid law package, although we ended, as we had to approve the majority’s point of view, by agreeing with the Government assuming responsibility.

We decided thus not to stage a censure motion and not to vote against the assumption of responsibility by the Government. nevertheless, we are still going to say out loud in the Parliament that the law package should have been the subject of debate,’ Ciuca said.

The deputy also added that he met twice with the representatives of the magistrates and concluded that they were right when saying that the Romanian judicial system is under-financed, with the judicial power appearing like it is not a power in the state anymore.

‘The magistrates’ complaints were related to the judicial power having no longer the status of a state power, because of the political interference and the marginalized social status. We discovered that the magistrates will have not frozen wages, but frozen incomes.

The problem is that the judicial system is currently being under-financed, so that it is not able to make justice. If, from a legal viewpoint, there exist such premises for justice to be made properly, from an administrative viewpoint the under-financing will undermine the act of justice,’ Ciuca said.

The deputy also mentioned the magistrates asked for the budget of the courts not to be managed by the Ministry of Justice from now on, but by the courts of appeal instead. ‘Nevertheless, I don’t think this could be possible, at least for now,’ Ciuca added.


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