CEC Bank: Credits for 2,160 projects financed from European money

CEC Bank granted loans for the financing of 2,160 projects for the customers who accessed European funds, with them receiving grants worth 620 million lei, or 150 million euros, said CEC Bank president Gratian Ghetea, at a debate on European funds.

„I believe that agriculture is on one of the first places, in attracting European money, that is what can be inferred from the sheet balances of CEC Bank. Maybe something else can be seen with other banks, or maybe something else can be seen from other statistics, ” said Ghetea.

According to him, the papers of CEC Bank say that the European funds for agriculture have had greater influence in Romania, compared with other fields.

In the opinion of Gratian Ghetea, there are clear elements showing that Romania will be not able to absorb funds at a very high level, the other European countries that had to absorb money did not do that very well.

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