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FinMin: Average public pay will grow up to 3,430 lei in 2015

The average public pay will grow from 2,199 lei, in 2009, up to 3,430 lei in 2015, with the average growth to stand at 56 percent, Romanian Minister of Public Finances Gheorghe Pogea on Thursday stated, in the end of the meeting of the Committee for social dialogue of the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection.

In the same time, the medium pay per economy will increase from 1,870 lei up to 2,535 lei, by 35 percent respectively, with the average pay in the private sector to increase from 1,758 lei up to 2,354 lei (by some 34 percent).

Minister Pogea also mentioned that 260,000 teaching staff in the pre-university education would benefit of an average increase in their wages by 78 percent over 2010-2015.

In the case of the 1st degree teachers (62,796) the growth will stand at 82 percent, while in the case of the 2nd degree teachers (28,000) the wages growth will stand between 73 and 114 percent.

In the university education, the average growth of the wages will stand at 31 percent, according to the MFP official.
The 4,744 university readers will benefit from wage growths between 24 and 44 percent, while in the case of the 6,866 assistants; the growths will stand between 39 and 50 percent.

The Finance Minister stated that the unitary public pay law could not please everybody, with those ‘in the excess earnings area’ to be affected the most.

He also added that the law observes the principles agreed by the social partners and the political parties – the elimination of the big gaps in the public sector pay, the preservation of incomes (with nobody to loose money after the implementation of the law), transparency and predictability, wage convergence.


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