First meeting of international network of ASPEN institutes, in Romania

Institute Aspen Romania organizes, Sept 9-14, the first meeting of the ASPEN institutes in Romania, with the event including the hosting of the meeting of the International Committee and of the Joint Steering Committee of the ASPEN Institutes based in the US and Romania, on Sept 11.

In the opening of the event, which brings together many international personalities, president of ASPEN Romania Mircea Geoana stressed that 20 years after the fall of communism, Romania is in its most complicated moment, marked by the international economic and financial crisis.

That is why Geoana believes that the moment represents a big challenge for the Romanian intellectual and political elites, notably for finding the answer related to what will happen after this world crisis.

According to him, Romania has experienced in the past twenty years a transition process, a process of building democratic institutions, processes of European and Euro-Atlantic integration, and a process of democratization, even if imperfect.

Geoana also said that currently people are questioning the very idea of free market, because „the world order is under a siege.”
Geoana has reaffirmed, in the context, the need of a new national project for Romania, as well as of cooperation at world level, apt to be of help in the overcoming of the international crisis.

In the opening of the meeting, CEO of the Aspen Institute Walter Issacson took the floor.

The event, held at Radisson hotel, puts together the US Aspen Institute, the steering board in Romania, and the International Aspen Committee, with representatives from the institutes based in Italy, France, Germany, India and Japan.

On the sidelines of the meeting, the Aspen Romania Institute will organize a series of other events, focused on the promotion and debating of the contribution Romania can have in the region and as a partner in the Trans-Atlantic relationship, in the context of the current major global political and economic changes.

The delegation will be received by governor of Romania’s Central Bank Mugur Isarescu, will have meetings with high governmental officials. A gala supper will be organized at the National Arts Museum, and the guests will have the opportunity to attend concerts from George Enescu Festival.

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