Geoana on social protests: To change rule mid-game can create problems for Executive

Changing the rule mid-game could create unsurmountable problems for the Government, stated on Thursday Senate’s Chairman M ircea Geoana, President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, in ruling coalition), referring to the prospect of some ample trade union protests.

According to him, the absence of debates over the laws the Government plans to assume responsibility for shows its limits.
In Geoana’s opinion, the adoption of such a legislative procedure would have been more needed for the unitary pay law in the public sector, in the prospect of the assumed commitments taken during talks with the international financial institutions.

„A debate could have prevented such a reaction (protests – editor’s note) related to the other elements.
The protests irritate the people and the international economic milieu, as well as the international organizations will judge us more harshly due to a perception about the lack of political stability in Bucharest”, said Geoana.

He underlined that parliamentary debates were necessary because the „limits will be obvious real soon”, but voiced hope at the same time that there will be a needed political wisdom for the adoption of the best solutions during this period.

„Currently we have to reconcile two divergent viewpoints: to keep the political stability, without which Romania would land into a complicated zone and to find out less politicized and more durable solutions”, said PSD President, adding that, personally, he hates improvised or adopted in haste solutions.

According to Geoana, the economic discussion, as well as the elements approached during talks with the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the European Commission are focused on two levels: the relation between the minimum salary per economy and the salary scale, and respectively the relation between the gross average salary per economy and the pension point.

He explained that there is a „traditionalistic school” in favor of a relation between the pension point and the gross average salary per economy and „another school of thought” in favor of indexing pensions with the inflation rate. „Currently, it would be unwise to change the rule mid-game”, said Mircea Geoana.

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