Gheorghe Pogea: Government will assume responsibility for unitary pay law, on Sept 15

Gheorghe Pogea: Government will assume responsibility for unitary pay law, on Sept 15 The Government will assume responsibility for the law on unitary pay for the state employees, on Sept 15, Finance Ministry Gheorghe Pogea said on Thursday, at the end of the meeting of the Committee on Social Dialogue of the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Security (MMFPS).

He appreciated as a ‘positive amendment’ the trade unions’ proposal that a new article should be added to the law, stipulating that the Government shall be mandated, along with the social partners to be allowed to make corrections to the law’s appendices, within 6 or 12 months.

MM FPS State Secretary Valentin M ocanu specified that the amendments to the appendices of the law on unitary pay would not be aimed at the rise in the salary coefficients, but at ‘corrections to the system.’

Finance Minister admitted there might be some inadequacies in the 1,940 jobs in the unitary pay grid, and MMFPS or the Ministry of Public Finance must be informed about them.

Cartel Alfa Trade Unions leader Bogdan Hossu said he agreed on the Government to assume responsibility for the three laws, namely on the education, the unitary pay and the reorganization of the Governmental agencies, on the condition it should add the amendments which the Unions had claimed, because ‘there are a couple of amendments to all these normative acts.’

In their turn, the employers associations UGIR – 1903 and CON PI ROM, together deputizing for over 90 percent of the industry and the service sectors and for 40 percent of the farming sector, endorse the law on the unitary pay, on the condition the grid’s inadequacies to be resolved by a text, the authorities and the social partners should agree upon, within 6 months.

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