Labour Minister Marian Sarbu: Application of unitary salary law does not diminish current salaries


The application of the new unitary salary law will not lead to the diminution of the current salaries the employees are paid, which are made up of the base salary plus all the additions that go with it, said Minister of Labour, Family and Social Protection Marian Sarbu on Thursday after the commission on social dialogue of the Ministry of Labour stopped working.

The commission on social dialogue, which convened at the Ministry of Labour on Thursday, gave green light to the unitary salary law in its current form and it is to get the approval of the Economic and Social Council on Monday for it to be introduced on Tuesday in the law package, for which the Government is to assume responsibility in Parliament.

„The Government, through the Ministry of Labour, observed all the rules of the social dialogue and of the negotiation,” says Marian Sarbu.
The salary scales to be found in the unitary law today, said Minister Sarbu, were finalized after the main credit releasing authorities, the ministers, talked with the leaders of the trade union federations.

As for the strike announced for October 5, the Minister of Labour says that it is a concern for the Government and regards it as „inopportune.”
„We are expecting from this trade union alliance that has been set up today a list of claims according to the law and an announcement that it has officially and juridically been set up for us to be able to negotiate from a legal point of view,” says the Minister of Labour.

If the list of claims of this alliance refers to the unitary law, the Minister of Labour requests the concrete suggestions of the trade union members and also invites them to make public their opinion of the hierarchy of positions as they are posted on the Government’s site.

As for the minimum salary nationwide Marian Sarbu thinks that it would be preferable to coincide with coefficient 1 in the scale. The minimum salary nationwide is established annually through the Government resolution and it is considered as a fundamental element when establishing the budget for the next year.

The Minister does not rule out the possibility for the minimum salary in the private sector to be sometimes higher than the minimum salary nationwide.
In keeping with the law the presidents of the trade union confederations, of the employers’ confederations and of the ministry attend the meeting of the commission on social dialogue.

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