PM Boc: Any discordance in Pay Law is still being ironed out

Prime Minister Emil Boc told the national television channel on Wednesday that any discordance in the draft pay law for the public employees is being ironed out these days and it will be over by September 15, when the Government intends to assume political responsibility for this normative act.

‘I want you to know that any discordance is being corrected as we speak.
I do not know exactly what is wrong, but I hear that corrections are being made where certain things have not been regulated yet.

Article 6 of the law says that in drawing up the pay scale for the base pay, complexity and importance of the work concerned are taken into account based on educational background and skills, the social importance of the work done, the complexity and diversity of the activity, personal responsibility and decision impacts, exposure to risks, incompatibilities and conflicts of interest, work difficulties and acceptance to the job,’ Boc explained.

In relation to the incompatibility standard, Boc said that some professions do not offer the possibility of working for more employers, and included here are police officers and magistrates, none of whom can have two jobs simultaneously.

Asked about some discordance in the pay coefficients, for instance the fact that a 3rd grade secretary of a local council of a town with 3,000 inhabitants will earn more than a physician, Boc said the new corrections will offer the possibility for nuance to coefficients.

Yet, he admitted that the latest corrections will not bring about radical changes.
‘Radical changes cannot be generated, because when you subtract from somewhere you have to put back from somewhere else, because the wage mass has to be the same.

Government is no Santa Claus with some bag where form he can dispense wages and pay bonuses everywhere, as all this is limited to a wage mass we have, but I find it normal for a fair placement according to the criteria mentioned above to be conducted,’ said Boc.

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