PM Boc considers magistrates’ protests are no longer justified and asks them to resume activity

Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc on Friday told the public radio station that from his viewpoint the magistrates’ protests, at least those related to their pay rights, are no longer justified and asked them to resume activity, according to the law.

‘I want to assure all the magistrates that we are taking into account, in the unitary public pay law, the fact that the prosecutors represent the backbone of the lawful state, on condition that they continue to do their job, for nobody is above the law and from the viewpoint of the pay rights I don’t see any conflict anymore.

What I want to say is that the magistrates have no reason to continue the protests at this point, at least from the viewpoint of the pay rights.

The Government has already solved this aspect, and it wasn’t easy at all, as we had to make financial efforts, that’s why I hope they will understand the situation and that they will resume their activity,’ Boc said.

He also showed that the Executive treated in a manner rather ‘equilibrate’, ‘correct’ and with ‘maximum responsibility’ each and every social category, including the magistrates, and reminded the magistrates that they will not loose money because of the implementation of the new unitary public pay law.

‘Including in the case of the magistrates, we will implement the principle according to which nobody will suffer a cut in their current gross pay rights.

The magistrates will not benefit from the accelerated growth in wage to be seen in the case of the teaching staff, doctors, public servants, which now have lower salaries, but we will take into account the justice system’s position in the hierarchy of the state, for they are not allowed to take another job,’ the Premier explained.

He also specified that the budget rectification in August meant more money allotted to justice system to be able to carry its activity in an adequate manner.

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