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PNL asks Government to withdraw its law package from Parliament

President of the National Liberal Party (PNL, in opposition) Crin Antonescu asked the Government, on Thursday, to withdraw from Parliament the package of laws it is going to assume responsibility for, stating that the Executive should „get rid” of Minister of Education, Minister of Justice, Minister of Labor and Minister of the Interior.

„Confronted with what happens in Romania today from the social standpoint, faced with extensive and joint protests of trade unions from very important fields, education, health care, public order, public administration, to which the magistrates’ protest is added, threatened by a general strike the trade union representatives of more than 1 million employees in Romania announced, we request Emil Boc Government to come at last with a responsible action, namely to withdraw the law package it wanted to assume responsibility for, and start real negotiations with the social partners and the debate in Parliament on these law drafts of maximum importance”, Antonescu emphasized.

PNL leader named those who are „directly guilty” for the „chaos” Romania is facing now, in the person of Traian Basescu, Emil Boc, Mircea Geoana.

In Antonescu’s opinion, the three brought Romania in this situation „as a result of their lack of competence, of responsibility and of a chain of lies exclusively serving the electoral campaign, they keep telling Romanians for almost nine months”.

At the same time, Crin Antonescu asked the resignation of several members of the Cabinet, saying that this would be a „minimal gesture” for the Executive to make.

„I believe that every healthy government should urgently get rid of the Minister of Education, of the Minister of Justice, of the Minister of Labor, of the Minister of Interior.

These are people who (…) show the slightest concern for decently and acceptably manage the field they are in charge with. (…) I think this is a minimal gesture every responsible prime minister would do (…)”, Antonescu also said.

He suggested that his urge to the Government to withdraw the law package from the Parliament has no political connotation, stressing that for PNL it would be more profitable from the political point of view to see the Executive assuming responsibility on the three aforementioned laws.

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