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President of ASPEN Institute: Romania represents a strategic place for investments

Romania represents a strategic place for investments, stated on Thursday President of ASPEN Institute Walter Issacson in a joint press conference with ASPEN Romania President Mircea Geoana.

Romania represents a strategic place for investments, first of all due to its location, but also to the fact that it is member of the Euro-Atlantic structures”, argued Walter Issacson, former CNN President.

On the occasion of his presence in Bucharest, the American representative said that there were discussions about the need of good governance, both in Europe and in the United States, aimed at stabilizing the economic field and to create better investments.
As well, Walter Issacson also underlined the need of strengthening the financial institutions in the current international context.

ASPEN Institute Romania organizes over Sept. 9-14 the first meeting of the international networks of ASPEN institutes in Romania, the event including the hosting of a meeting of the International Board and of the Joint Board Committee of ASPEN institutes from USA and Romania, on Sept. 11.

The event reunited on Thursday, at Radisson Hotel in Bucharest, representatives of ASPEN Institute USA, the managing board in Romania and the international ASPEN board – with representatives of the institutes from Italy, France, Germany, India and Japan.

On the sidelines of this meeting, ASPEN Institute Romania is to organize a series of other events, focused on the promotion and on debates related to the contribution Romania can have in the region and as a partner in the transatlantic relation, in the context of the current global major political and economic changes.

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