Project for increasing efficiency of Romanian institutions involved in fight against corruption

The twinning project between Romania and UK called ‘Increasing efficiency of Romanian institutions involved in the fight against corruption’ will be presented on Thursday in an inaugural ceremony.

According to a release of the National Anticorruption Department (DNA) sent on Wednesday, the goal of the project is that of involving Romanian magistrates in activities of experience exchange with other member states of the European Union (EU) with a view to identifying good practices for the investigation of serious cases of corruption and economic crimes related to corruption cases and their adjustment to the practice of investigations in Romania.

‘Concretely, for 10 months, prosecutors, lawyers and practitioners from four EU member states (UK, France, Germany, Lithuania) will share their experience in the six selected fields,’ reads the release.

The National Anti-Corruption Department stresses that the selected fields are ‘Detection and testing of mechanisms for fraud used on the capital market,’ ‘Techniques of identification and testing of money laundering schemes used on the insurance market,’ ‘Methods for assessment of assets.

Practical approach referring to corruption offences and fraud pertaining to public acquisition and privatization,’ ‘Criminal liability of legal ,’ ‘Use of IT instruments in the testing of corruption offences or related to corruption offences.’

According to the release, the project’s activities will be coordinated by Northern Ireland Public Sector Enterprises Ltd. (NI-CO)’ a non-profit organization, held by the Government of Northern Ireland, specializing in services of consulting in the field strengthening of institutional and administrative capacities.

The beneficiary of the project is The Anti-Corruption Department and co-beneficiaries are the Justice Ministry, Financial Guard , National Office for prevention and Fight against Money Laundering, National Integrity Agency, Police Inspectorate General, National Insurance Surveillance Commission, National Authority of Romanian Evaluators, National Trade Registry Office, National Authority for Regulations and Monitoring of Public Acquisitions.

The sum earmarked for the unfolding of the project is of 600,000 euros (560,000 European funds earmarked within the programme called Transition Facility and 40,000 euros national parallel co-financing).

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