Public sector trade unions set up national alliance

Trade unions in the public sector – education, public servants, health, administration and interior, public local and central administration – on Thursday decided to set up the Alliance of trade unions in the budget sector, the chairman of the Federation of Free Unions in Education Aurel Cornea told a press conference.

According to the protocol, the Alliance’s objective would be ‘stopping the procedure through which the government prepares to assume responsibility for the unitary public pay law, renegotiating this law and also preventing layoffs in the public sector.’
The trade unions decided not to accept any unpaid layoffs this year.

Moreover, the leaders of the federation of trade unions in the public sector have already agreed on the calendar for the protest rallies – in front of the Parliament, on September 15, with an all- out strike to follow on October 5.

Leaders asked the trade unions’ members not to participate, by offering a technical support, in the presidential elections coming on November 22.
‘We are fed up with letting other people negotiate for us, the so-called unionist leaders, but with no budget-relying structures in their trade unions,’ Marius Nistor, the leader of the Spiru Haret Federation, said.

The Government decided to assume responsibility for the three law packages on education, unitary public pay law and restructuring of the agencies in the public sector, the rationalization of the public spending, a sustained support to the business environment and close observation of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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