Romania to start swine flu vaccination in Dec. 2009

Romania will start the swine flu vaccination in early December, the Health Ministry has announced in a release.
Bucharest-based Cantacuzino Institute could make some five million doses of vaccine by year-end, with one million doses to be produced on a monthly basis starting next year.

The ministry’s coordinating committee on the A/H1N1 flu met on Wednesday to decide new measures meant to prevent the infection with the new flu virus.

The committee decided to take additional monitoring and prevention moves as well as response measures to possible A/H1N1 flu cases in schools.
The measures will be completed on Thursday and will be approved by an Order of the health minister.

Furthermore, the committee established the groups of people running a high risk of catching and spreading the disease and decided to give them priority in the vaccination campaign to start as soon as Cantacuzino Institute completes the production of the flu vaccine.

The first to be vaccinated will be the medical staff, the workers in crucial services, the school children and the expecting mothers, the release said.

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