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Unionists in media asks measures from Gov during crisis period

Several employers’ associations, trade unions and journalists’ associations are asking the government to urgently start talks with the representatives of the trade unions, of the employers’ associations from the media, for the identification of the measures to be applied in Romania during the crisis.

The signatories of the petition are the MediaS in Federation of Journalists, the Employers’ Association of the Press in Romania Romedia, the Employers’ Association of the Local Editors, APEL, the Association of the Journalists in Romania, the dailies Bursa and Ziua, the Trade Unions from the public radio, the Unions of the Journalists and Typographers of Romania, the Unions of the Workers in Publishing Houses and Printing Houses, the Society of Romania’s Journalists, the Unions of the Professional Journalists and the Professional Associations in the Media, Publishing Houses and Printing Houses.

The signatories are asking that because the economic crisis hindered the access of the public to information, the sales in the written press fell 30 percent compared with the media of last year, over 1,000 employees lost their jobs, the budgets for publicity halved, and the talks between the Anti-Crisis Committee and the Media and the Ministry of Public Finance, initiated in the spring of this year, yield no fruit.

„A few tens of publications disappeared, the leading dailies decreased the number of their pages to a half, the employees worryingly fell down in number, the meal tickets were eliminated, the wages dwindled drastically (in some press institutions the salaries went down 50 percent.)

Despite the restructuring, the fall of the media industry continues.

Combined with the diminution of the purchasing power of the population, the degradation of the media industry leads to a restriction of the public to information. And the free access to information is the leading trait of any democratic rule, ” reads the document.

In the opinion of the organizations, the support is represented by the simplification of the procedure of applying taxation, in granting incentives for the profession of journalist (commonly applied at the level of the European Union), the support the press distributors need.

„In the absence of these measures, the press will not disappear, but only the big trusts will continue to exist, they are financed by industrial or political groups which patronizes them.

Unfortunately, the independent press is the one that will the eliminated, and with that elimination, the access of the public to objective information will disappear,” the petition also reads.


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