US Ambassador’s priorities: cooperation with Afghanistan, economic relations and energy security

The Romanian-American cooperation in Afghanistan, the consolidation of the economic relations between the two countries and the energy security are the first three priorities of the new US Ambassador in Bucharest, Mark Gitenstein, announced on Thursday in a news conference.

My first priority is to improve the strengthen the security relation between the two countries, which is mainly based on Afghanistan, to make sure that the Romanian Government is equally committed as it was previously to making this country secure, said Mark Gitenstein, who voiced hope it would be like that in the future too.

Gitenstein, who gave a first news conference on Thursday after his coming to Bucharest, remarked the good Romanian-American cooperation in the operations theatres.

We are NATO dedicated members, we work shoulder to shoulder with Afghanistan. Romania is a NATO ally the US trusts so much that it did something it does very seldom, namely it entrusted the command of the American troops to a foreign nation. In Zabul, Afghanistan, the American troops are under the command of a Romanian battalion commander.

There we plan and carry out together successful missions, said Gitenstein.
The second priority of the American diplomat is the cooperation with Romania’s Government for the improvement of the economic and financial relation with the two countries and between the private sectors in Romania and the US.

In his opinion the opening of the Ford car plant in Craiova (southern Romania) is a positive sign in this respect and the Ambassador pledged to cooperate with the Romanian Government in order to facilitate other American investments in Romania.

As a matter of fact Gitenstein informed that he would give a reception attended by the members of the American Chamber of Commerce as he wanted to hear the problems and priorities US businessmen face. The third priority will be the energy security.

He informed that they would organize a number of events and projects in this respect such as the liquefied natural gas terminal in Constanta (south¬eastern Romania), the increase in the energy security and a conference on the energy security in the Black Sea region.
Richard Morningstar, the US Special Envoy for Eurasian Energy, is also expected to attend this conference.

We cooperate in order to improve Romania’s and Europe’s energy security by promoting projects that ensure a diversification of the energy sources and of the transit routes.
We also try to promote a better energy efficiency in our economic systems and the growing use of alternative energy sources,” also said Gitenstein.

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