Vasile Puscas attends international conference on innovation in Europe

Head of European Affairs Department (DAE) Minister Vasile Puscas takes part, over Sept. 10 and 11, in International Conference „Creativity and innovation for Europe”, organized by the International Sociology Institute in Gorizia (Italy) and the University Institute for European Studies.

According to a DAE release, remitted on Thursday, this European Commission programme promotes creative and innovative approaches in various social and economic activity sectors in the aim to prepare the European Union (EU) to face future global challenges.

Within debates Minister Vasile Puscas delivered an exposition on the subject „From national traditional policies to political pluralism and consensus construction for European Union policies”.

„The EU is in need of an ample qualitative restructuring process, through speeding up the modernization, promotion of innovation, creativity and research. To this end we must also continue the political integration phase of various existing cultural identities in the EU”, pointed out Minister Vasile Puscas.

In conclusion, the Minister for European Affairs stated: „In the current global context, citizens must face various changes both at international level and the domestic one, in the political, economic and social fields.

From this angle, the EU is the best example of regional exercise of globalization”.
Attending the conference are personalities from political and academic fields from Italy, Germany, USA, France, Cyprus, Israel, Russia, The Netherlands.


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