Virgil Andreies: CSM cannot but show solidarity with magistrates’ protest

The Upper Magistrates Coucil (CSM) plenary is solidary with the magistrates’ protest, stated on Thursday CSM President Virgil Andreies at the end of several hours of talks on the sidelines of the Minister of Justice’s request referring to the activity stoppages in the justice system.

„I think that, at this moment, CSM – and as I assessed without exception, maybe one or two – cannot be but solidary, in accord with the magistrates’ protest”, said CSM head, in the applause of the judges and prosecutors present in the Council’s plenary hall.

Andreies added that solutions must be found not only for the system, but also for the parties involved in legal cases and for the minister’s request.
„I think that we can ask at this moment an urgent meeting at the highest level, to discuss some aspects connected to the salary scale. This is an immediate and urgent measure”, stressed Andreies.

Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu stated in the CSM Thursday plenary that he is filled with goodwill and has the flexibility to listen to the magistrates’ problems, but the Government cannot find solutions in just a few days to their complaints.

„It is unrealistic to ask the Government to solve these days the problems the justice system is confronted with for 15-20 years”, Catalin Predoiu told CSM members. He urged them to find out a solution which could be implemented by the Government.


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