Boc does not want postponement of assuming responsibility

PM Emil Boc said, for the public TV, that he does not agree with the postponement of the date of assuming responsibility in front of Parliament for the three laws and mentioned that as regards the dialogue with the unions, it will continue.

The dialogue with the unions was not and will never be stopped. It will continue now as well. We have promised and we will be faithful to our word, each time, that after each step we will talk with the unions…

We will not refuse this dialogue, but I believe that the assuming and its date cannot be postponed. I believe that we have decided on these aspects and things will go on. As regards the dialogue, it will be permanent, ” said the prime minister.

With reference to the protests announced by the unions, the prime minister mentioned that this is the right of the unions.
„The unions have the right to word points of view, to make decisions, evidently with the respect of the law and of legality.

At the same time, the Government has the duty to listen to everybody, to make decisions. I believe that the time of postponements is no longer necessary.

After more than 6 months of talks, of formulas, of negotiations, of approaches, it is the time to make decisions apt to change Romania on various components,” Boc also said.

The Government will go on Tuesday, in Parliament, to assume responsibility for the laws on education, the law for the restructuring of the agencies, the rationalizing of the public expenses, and the uniform salary law.

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