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Bucharest City in celebratory mood between September 12 and 20

The Bucharest Mayoralty has prepared a series of cultural and artistic events, to be staged between September 12 and September 20, to celebrate 550 years since the first historical record of the city. Bucharest was first recorded as the Castle of Bucur in a document dated September 20, 1459 in which the then ruler Vlad Tepes confirmed a donation to small feudal lords.

Bucharest has since evolved into the prime political, economic, financial, commercial, scientific, educational, transportation, informational, spots and tourist location of Romania.

The Mayoralty’s schedule of events comprises free drama shows and exhibitions on the streets of the city, in the Constitution Square, the Herastrau, Cismigiu, Tineretului and Carol parks, the George Enescu Square and the Carad Street in the old town, as well as at museums.

A painting exhibition by Vitalie Butescu will open in the hallway of the Bucharest Municipality on September 15 and stay on throughout September 20.
On September 12, children are invited to the Herastrau Park at 10:00 am, for a Children’s Carnival that ends at 16:00. Also that day the city’s museums will open their gates to the lovers of history and arts.

The Romanian Literature Museum will be hosting an exhibition of paintings and drawings;
The Bucharest Municipality Gallery will mount an exhibition of paintings, interior decorations and photo arts; the Romanian Villager’s Museum will play host on September 14 to the Forbidden Bucharest Film Gala, starting at 20:00; the Museum of the Bucharest Municipality in cooperation with the Ministry of Administration and Interior will be hosting a symposium on 550 years since the first historical record of Bucharest City.

The same museum will be organising on September 18 in the Herastrau Park the launch of a ‘Bucuresti 550’ stamp strip.
An exhibition of the foundations by Romanian rulers in the Bucharest Royal Palace will open in the University Arcade on September 18.

The Metropolitan Library will play host to an international symposium called ‘Books – Romania – Europe’, while the Marble Hall of the Military Club will be hosting an auction exhibition of paintings on September 20.

A white night in Bucharest will be staged on the night of September 19, when 12 museums and institutions will be welcoming visitors throughout 03:00 in the morning. The museums included in the programme are the George Enescu Museum, Romania’s National Art Museum, the Geology Museum, the National History Museum, the Museum of Romanian Literature, the Museum of the Bucharest Municipality, the Vasile Grigore Art Museum, the Old Maps Museum, the National Museum of Contemporary Arts, the Old Court Palace, the Astronomic Observatory and the National Military Museum.

The Triumphal Arch will be open to visitors between September 18 and September 20, with an exhibition of the Romanian Legion of Italy during WWI.
The city’s theatres will be staging free shows on September 19 and September 20.

The Gallery of the Bucharest National Theatre House will be hosting a photo exhibition of contemporary life styles in China, in cooperation with the Chinese Embassy.

September 12 will end with a show that recreates the genesis of the city in metaphors. The show, organised by ARCUB, will be staged in the Constitution Square starting at 20:30.

The old town will be in the spotlight as the centre of the cultural events, with the Carada Street, where shows will be staged and a trade fair of handcrafted products.

The Association of Romanian Youth for Culture and Normalcy (ATRCN) will join the Days of Bucharest City with an exceptional cultural show financed from its own funds.

ATRCN has prepared a fashion show of Romanian designers to be hosted by the Summer Theatre in the Herastrau Park on September 15, 20:30. Soprano singer Angela Gheorghiu and tenor singe Vlad Mirita will be staging a high-class concert in the Constitution Square on September 15, 21:00 with the involvement of ATRCN.

Traditional Romanian customs and images of yesteryear’s Bucharest will also be on display. The Centre for the Conservation and Realisation ofPeopeľs Arts and Traditions of the Bucharest City will organise a trade fair of crafts in the Constitution Square between September 12 and September 20.

The centre will be staging a parade of period costumes (September 12, 13, 18, 19 and 20) and stagecoach trips on the Union Avenue (September 12, 13, 18, 19 and 20). Brass bands will be there and so will be the traditional flower fights on the road, in the Constitution Square, September 12.

Among the artistic shows staged by the centre in the Constitution Square will be the Romanian Evening (September 18), and two national minorities’ shows in which the Turkish, Tartar, Romany, German, Russians and Lipovan communities will be showcasing their culture on September 19 and the Italian, Polish, Aromanian and German communities will be doing the same on September 20.

ARCUB will present a Florin Niculescu Quartet concert on September 19, 20:30, in the George Enescu Square.

The RATB public transportation corporation, which turns 100 this year, will be staging a Time Caravan on September 19, 10:00 am, a parade of means of transportation from horse-drawn trams to the newest trams manufactured by RATB-URAC.


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