Bucharest Days, event affected by crisis

The Bucharest Days, an event devoted to the 550th anniversary of its documentary attestation, will also be marked by the current world economic crisis, said on Friday Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu, who conveyed his fellow citizens the most sincere wishes on this occasion.

„We hope we shall stick to the same tradition, I shall do my best to make people feel they are protected, we shall offer them events meant to make them relax and be in high spirits, but you must know that the event takes into account the current poverty.

We must leave this moment behind and I am telling you that all the units of the City Hall will be included in an ample programme of events and there will also be pleasant surprises,” said Oprescu.

He added that foreign officials from Brussels, Georgia, Moscow, Athens will also come to Bucharest. The Italian singer Al Bano has said too he would attend also in his capacity as honorary ambassador of the city of Bucharest in the world.

The Bucharest Days will be held between September 12 and 20 in order to mark the 550th anniversary of the documentary attestation of the city (September 20, 1459).

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