Cartel Alfa president: Single salary, something that affects us all

The single salary policy will affect not only the public sector, but also the private one, „Cartel Alfa” president Bogdan Hossu said at a TV show.

Hossu explained that that, as the public sector accounts for 30% of the Romanian labor market, the salary level for the public sector will be also relevant for the private sector, if the latter wants to attract qualified staff.

Asked if he will require the private sector to show solidarity with the public employees’ strike or at least try to understand it, Hossu gave an affirmative answer.

„Things are related one way or another” he said. Moreover, the Cartel Alfa leader said that all five trade union confederations will meet to find „a joint platform getting them to act jointly , because is in everybody’s interest to solve the problem in the workers’ favor.”

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