Conservative MPs to go on token strike over govt’s calling vote of confidence

Party founding president Dan Voiculescu, who is also the Senate vice-chairman and his party’s parliamentarians announced on Friday they would go on a token strike on the day the government comes before Parliament to get a vote of confidence on three key pieces of legislation.

‘Dan Voiculescu and the Conservative parliamentarians have decided to table no amendment to the laws the government is to take responsibility for.
At the joint sitting of Parliament, they will carry a white band on their left arm in protest over the unprecedented defiance of the legislature and the state of law.

The government, by this original procedure on taking responsibility, is trying to humiliate Parliament, as it knows no responsible political force can remove it barely two weeks to go till the (presidential) elections.

Such a situation, in which the parliamentarians can table amendments that the government can accept or reject at its discretion is absurd, it is a deeply unconstitutional mechanism.

The natural rule operates exactly the opposite way, as Parliament is the body that makes a decision on the government’s initiatives’, a release of the Conservative Party’s press office quotes Voiculescu as saying.

The Senate vice-chairman argued that given such a situation and out of respect for the constitution and for those who elected the Conservative MPs, the party decided its MPs will not table any amendment ‘so as not to silently confirm such reversed relations between the legislature and the executive’, the release said.

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