Decentralization has to be made now, says regional development minister

Until September 30 each ministry will have to present the cost standards due to public services that will be decentralized, said on Friday in Sfantu Gheorghe (north-west of Bucharest), minister of Regional Development and Housing, Vasile Blaga.

‘On September 30 we will know the cost standards , we’ll know exactly when they will be transferred to city halls and county councils, how money are necessary for these services, because we can’t afford to repeat other people’s mistakes, to compel the local authorities to have responsibilities without having funds,’ said Vasile Blaga.

Minister Blaga stressed that the law on decentralization is a very good proof that it took almost a maximal grade in Parliament. Blaga pointed out that the Democrat Liberal Party (PD -L) is a supporter of decentralization and that if we don’t carry out decentralization now we will never do it.

Blaga voiced hope that the 3,500 ‘local governments’ attached to the central government will be some sort of engines that will increase efficiency.

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