FEN: 14 Sept, proposed free day for budget employees

The Federation of National Education proposes the union members not to go to their work places on the first day of the school year, the way the MPs will do, they do not work on Sept 14, said on Friday, for Agerpres Constantin Ciosu, FEN secretary general.

„With the MPs having a free day, we believe that all the employees should benefit from similitude in this respect. It is not normal that some work and others deliver speeches about the „wonderful” conditions created for tuition and about the great progress of Romania. We want to offer the politicians a chance not to be laughed at, and be met with promises without coverage, with populist proposals, ” Ciosu also said.

Before coming in front of the teachers and the technical staff in the tuition system, the union leader proposes the MPs to first apply Law 221/2008 regarding the raise in salaries and Law 35/2006 regarding the allotment of one hundred euros for the buying of the materials necessary for training.

„The political class should not impose forced labour by obliging the employees to 10 unpaid days, they should allocate to education at least six percent of GDP, as stipulated by the law and to assume, if it wants this, a law of national education giving the status of national priority to education, positioning it to the peak of the salary pyramid, according to the Agreement assumed by the Government, on May 6, 2009. Compared with all this, we believe that the employees have all the reasons to re-open the work conflict, with all the consequences deriving from that.


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