Geoana wants relaunch of new project for Romania, supported by ASPEN international network

Romania needs a new national project that should define, among other things, the national priorities, head of the ASPEN Institute in Romania, Mircea Geoana, said on Thursday, September 10.

In a joint conference with heads of the ASPEN US, Italy, France, Germany, Geoana announced that Romania became part of this international project, being seen by partners as an important country for investment.

„The ASPEN Institute in Romania was opened three years ago and is aimed at creating a neutral place where people with different ideas should decide over the priorities of our region.

After 20 years, the moment has come to reconsider the way in which we are being organized, and that’s an obligation of the Romanian elites, irrespective of their political color, to reconsider a national project at a moment when the whole mankind is reconsidering its priorities,” Geoana said.

He also said that Romania’s being included in this network is proof of the fact that the country’s status is one of regional leader.

Geoana voiced intention to establish, together with the ASPEN Institute of Italy, a Romanian- Italian civic forum so that any problems emerged between the two sides should be overcome. „We will also establish such ties with France, Germany, the US and India,” he explained.

ASPEN institute Romania organizes between September 9 and 14, the first meeting of the ASPEN institutes in Romania. On this occasion, ASPEN Institute Romania stages a series of different events, aimed to highlight Romania’s potential contribution as partner is the transatlantic relation, in the context of the current political economic changes.

The delegation was received by Romanian Central Bank Governor Mugur Isarescu. A gala dinner will be held at the National Art Museum and the guests will have the opportunity to see concerts of the „George Enescu” Festival.

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