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Labour minister asks a list of demands from Public Sector Unions Alliance

The Labour, Family and Social Protection minister Marian Sarbu has asked the Public Sector Unions’ Alliance to submit a list of demands and register its labour conflict so they could start a dialogue.

„As regards the all-out strike announced by the Public Sector Alliance (to be on October 5), this possibility worries us and we find it inopportune in such a complicated year as 2009 from the economic point of view that some trade unions refer to such a form of conflict, unjustified in my opinion.

We expect from this Alliance ad-hoc set up today, we don’t know whether it has legal representativeness, whether it has been registered, because it hasn’t told us anything, a list of demands and also we expect for it to register this conflict so that we could start a dialogue”, on September 10 said the Labour minister Marian Sarbu, after the social dialogue Commission’s reunion at the MMFPS headquarters.

Sarbu specified that the Government has assumed, through the unitary salary Law, its stance regarding the „social hierarchy” in this country, in the draft law published on the Government’s website, and if the trade unions have another opinion they should make it public.

The leaders of the unions of all Confederations in the public sector – education, public servants, health, administration and interior, public local and central administration – on Thursday decided to set up the Alliance of trade unions in the budget sector, the chairman of the Federation of Free Unions in Education Aurel Cornea told a press conference.

The Alliance was set up in order to re-negotiate the unitary public law pay and to organize some protest actions, among which a protest rally in front of the Parliament, on September 15, an all-out strike on October 5, the unionists non- participation in the presidential elections coming on November 22 or December 6, if necessary.

According to the unionists, the protest rally in front of the Parliament on September 15 will be attended by approx. 2,000 people, according to the law. On October 5, the union leaders hope in having at least 800,000 protesters on the all-out strike.


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