Magistrates’ 65 pct wage benefits are recognised

Vice-President of the Upper Council of Magistrates (CSM) Bogdan Licu announced on Friday that the 50 percent benefits for over-stress and 15 percent confidentiality benefit have been recognised in the draft unitary public wage law for the first time.

Licu said after a meeting held at the Justice Ministry that the only problem remains the manner in which such benefits will be paid.

‘The main problem, of the benefits that we have had so far only in court rulings, is now for the first time recognised in a draft law; we hope such draft law becomes reality on Tuesday and that we may stop protests’, he added.

Licu explained the magistrates did not ask for higher benefits and that the CSM had worked on a pay scale different from the one of the associations, and the difference would be ‘the increased coefficients for the judges from 4.25 to 8 something’. It is very important that the benefits have been introduced in the current planned legislation, he pointed out.

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