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Minister Sarbu: Romania stands to gain if it gets EU agriculture commissioner’s post

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development Ilie Sabu told Agerpres in Arad (western Romania), on Friday, that Romania would stand to gain if it got the post of EU Commissioner for Agriculture.

‘I’ve been supplied no definite information on this, so far. Efforts, at all levels, have been made. I can say, however that we would stand to gain if Romania had a EU Commissioner for Agriculture.

On the other hand, I believe we can ask more portfolios so that, provided we fail getting the position of the European Commissioner for Agriculture, we should receive another important portfolio.

But, the decision is not up to us, only, and the required lobby has been already made,” Minister Sarbu said.

Romania wants the portfolio of the EU Commissioner for Agriculture and the most likely name is that of the ex-Agriculture Minister Dacian Ciolos, Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu said in end-August, after the hearings in the Parliament’s Committees on Foreign Policy.

‘From the explorations by the Romanian diplomacy institution, so far, the agriculture portfolio seems to be the most advanced in terms of likelihood to get tangible for Romania,’ said Diaconescu.

He mentioned that the Government would validate the final variants advancing, however the name of Dacian Ciolos as a likely candidate.

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