PM Boc blames political interest for postponement of responsibility assuming in Parliament

Premier Emil Boc stands firm on his position, saying that the Government is going to assume responsibility in Parliament on Sept. 15 because „delays are no help, maybe just for the ones who play political games”.

„I announced this procedure on Aug. 2. We have also convened it with the trade unions and with the political parties. We went to the Parliament and taken the longest possible deadline, almost seven days, for amendment filing.
Now, we are again in face of a decision taking, and we are urged a sole thing: postponement. But are there arguments in favor of such a move?

I sincerely tell you that beyond some, maybe political interests, I fail to see what other arguments there could be?”, stated the Prime Minister on Friday on the public radio station.

He maintained that the procedure of assuming governmental responsibility for the laws on the education, agency restructuring and unitary pay law in the public sector will go ahead because „it is about the country’s interest, not the interest of one or another”.
„I will not enter these political and politicized games, but take into account the country’s interest, even at the price of a Government fall.

I want you to know that I do not play with the country’s interest, I will go to the Parliament because I know this law is fair, it is a good one and needed, and I will not postpone these decisions just because some do not wish to do what Romania needs and implement the reform reality demands.

… I hold Prime Minister’s office in order to move the country forward, to take decisions, to adopt reforms Romanians need, in line with the international commitments, and I think that every temporizing or delaying move is bad for Romania”, underlined the Executive’s head.

According to Emil Boc, the Government is not in electoral campaign and the „threat” with a Cabinet „fall” does not affect him.
„I disregard those who threaten me with the Government’s fall because such a threat has no place here and does not affect me as long as I know what to do for the country’s benefit”, he stressed.

Asked if the coalition partners will back up the responsibility assuming move in the Parliament, given that they take into account the likelihood of a postponement, PM said that if the two parties (Social Democrat Party – PSD, respectively the Democrat Liberal Party – PD-L, editor’s note) do not have the capacity to promote these laws, aimed at state’s modernization, then the partnership born in Dec. 2008 is no longer justified.

„These laws are the product of the two parties. Ministers Sarbu, Andronescu are from PSD, Minister Pogea from PD-L, Minister Predoiu, an independent, these are the key ministries which worked out these law drafts.

They have been well grounded, we negotiated them (…). Now, the two parties, if they do not have the capacity to promote them, it means that this coalition no longer is justified and it means that it was a great mistake to form a coalition in Dec. 2008 to promote the state’s structural reforms.

Therefore, those who have some other interests than the ones to promote reforms aimed at the Romanian state’s modernization must spell it clearly, or present their standpoint in the Parliament”, Boc concluded.

The Government will be present Tuesday next, in the Parliament, for responsibility assuming for the laws on education, agency restructuring and curbing public spending, as well as for the unitary pay law in the public sector.

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