Romania, among first 10 spam generating countries

In the first half of this year, more than 85 percent of the mails received by Romanians were unrequested, according a survey conducted by security experts of Kaspersky lab, daily Ziarul Financiar reports.

Therefore, Romania has entered the ranking of the first 10 spam generating countries with the biggest volume of spams with a share of 3 percent, ahead of Spain, Italy, German and Ukraine.

On the first place are Russia and the United States with a share of 11 percent, respectively 10 percent of the overall unrequetsed mails sent worldwide, followed by Brazil (8 percent) and India (7 percent).

‘The countries of interest for the cyber criminals are starting to be located more in the East than in the West.

Asia, Latin America and regions of Eastern Europe, except for Russia are becoming ever more interesting to spammers, given that the users don’t have very good protections against cyber threats,’ said Costin Raiu, manager of Kaspersky Lab.

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