Unions amendments, tabled with PSD

Representatives of Cartel Alfa, the Federation of the Free Trade Unions in Education, the Social Democratic Party, PSD, tabled, late on Thursday, at the headquarters of the Social Democratic Party, PSD, the list of the main amendments which they want to bring to the laws on which the Government will assume responsibility in Parliament next week.

Most of the amendments regard the uniform salary law for the budget sector and the law on education.
Cartel Alfa leader Bogan Hossu stressed that the amendments, tabled by Cartel Alfa, are mainly connected with the structure of the salary coefficients the unions are discontent with.

According to him, Cartel Alfa would want the discussing of these amendments, until Sunday, at the latest, during new meetings with the social partners, so that they may be introduced in the appendixes of the texts of the assuming laws.

Hossu mentioned that the amendments made by the confederation he represents are connected notably with the salary coefficients, „because there are big discrepancies,” as well as with the field of research, or with the distance between the leadership posts and the executive ones which the unionists want smaller.

„We have tried to build, not to destroy. The text of the law will remain, the annexes will be revised (…) The existing discontent can lead to a social explosion, ” said the union leader, adding that the salary law will have influences also on the private sector.

He reminded that in the current formula of the salary law, only the wages of 600-750 lei will be raised in 2010, the salaries of the other public employees will be frozen.

First vice-president of FSLI Simion Hancescu emphasized that he hopes that his proposals will be promoted in the days to come through the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation, they will go to the Government.

„We are discontent with the scale proposed by the Government, which is inadmissible. Let’s see what happens, if we do not protest, ” said Hancescu.

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