Basescu: Education should be re-asserted as indisputable priority

President Traian Basescu on Sunday sent a message to all the teachers, pupils and students who begin a new academic year on Monday, in which he voices hope that a new education law will be operational in the next years, the President’s Office announced.

‘The start of the school year offers us a good opportunity to remember the purpose and traditions of our educational system and also to look into the future.

Modern Romania was built by having school at its foundation. The teachers have been on the front-line of the modernization process from the very beginning. The state modernization today entails re-placing school at the centre of the society project and re-asserting education as an indisputable priority’, Basescu’s message says.

The president voiced confidence that in the coming years a new law will be operational to regulate the education sector, ‘a coherent and stable law, meant to lead to school performance’, to re¬establishing the tie between teachers, local communities, parents and pupils.

‘Today we have the chance to build a new educational system, to build a new tradition – one of performance. The success of the educational reform depends on each of us. I wish the teachers and students success during the entire 2009-2010 academic year and I wish the parents that their children bring them only joys’, the president said.

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