Boc: PD-L represents PNTCD voice as well in European Parliament

Liberal (PD-L) Prime Minister Emil Boc told the extraordinary congress of the Christian Democratic National Peasant Party (PNTCD, a non- parliamentary party) on Saturday that the Democrat Liberals represent the PNTCD voice as well inside the European People’s Party (EPP) in the European Parliament.

‘I am convinced that by what you are going to do from now on too we’ll strengthen the partnership we have in the EPP. The PNTCD and PD-L are partner parties in the EPP and I want you to know that Europe, the European People’s Party that will lead Europe today and tomorrow, are waiting from us mature solutions for what the democratic development of the Romanian society means.

Our message is very simple: we wait for you to come back to Romania’s Parliament in order to reach this goal, for the Romanian political life. You can count on our partnership within the EPP, in order to also have the PNTCD voice represented in the European Parliament, for the defence of Romania’s interests’, Boc said.

The prime minister praised the role the PNTCD had in Romania’s accession to the European Union and NATO and paid homage to the party’s post-1989 leader late Corneliu Coposu.

‘Today, in 2009, Romania is a member of the EU and NATO, that is it has succeeded to fulfill the goals you set as early as in 1989 and for which you struggled from the very first second of the December (1989) revolution and through the troubled 1990s, when such values were not so clear to the Romanian society’, he pointed out.

Boc spoke of the current policies of the government, stressing that the unitary public wage law and the restructuring of the government’s agencies are meant to reform Romania from the situation seen in the communist era. The unitary wage law ‘replaces 39 laws having been passed after 1989, that have continued the same mentality as before 1989’, he added.

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