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Govt examining amendments to bills on which it calls confidence vote


The Romanian government met early on Sunday to examine the amendments tabled by the parliamentarians to the bills on which the executive is going to call a confidence vote, with the proposals deemed adequate to be introduced in the final form of the acts.

„During today’s meeting, we’ll examine the amendments tabled by the Parliament members in line with the constitution, and those amendments we’ll consider to meet the law content, i.e. to observe the principles, the macro-economic framework, the budget provisions and the governing programme will be integrated in the final form for which the government will take responsibility before Parliament on Tuesday”, Prime Minister Emil Boc said at the start of the meeting.

The cabinet began the meeting by examining the draft law on the reorganization of several public authorities and institutions, to which 61 amendments were tabled.

On Saturday, the involved ministries and the unions analyzed the parliamentarians’ amendments, with the decision to be made on Sunday regarding the final form of the laws the executive will present to the plenary sitting of the legislature, by accepting or rejecting the amendments.

After Saturday’s meeting, Prime Minister Boc said he was standing by his decision to call a confidence vote before Parliament as scheduled on Sept. 15.

He voiced the government’s readiness to examine and accept the MPs’ amendments as well as the amendments proposed by the unions by means of the parliamentarians to the key pieces of legislation for which the executive will take responsibility.

The government decided to call a confidence vote for three pieces of legislation regarding education, a unitary public wage and the restructuring of the governmental agencies, the public spending rationing, the support for the business climate and the observance of the agreement with the IMF and European Commission.


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