AMR asks President Basescu to mediate conflict with Executive

The Association of Magistrates in Romania (AMR) on Sunday, September 13, addressed an open letter to President Traian Basescu, asking him to mediate the existing conflict between the magistrates and the Executive.

‘We ask you, Mr. President, to make use of your constitutional power in such heavy circumstances and while not altering your impartiality to mediate the existing conflict between the Executive and the magistrates, so as to make credible the existence of the democracy again and of the lawful state that paved the way of Romania towards the European Union, which is a in itself based on these international democratic values, the same as on such international documents related to the independence of the justice power Romania needs to observe too,’ reads the open letter signed by the AMR, the National Union of Judges in Romania, the National Network of the General Assemblies of the Courts and the Association of Prosecutors in Romania.

It is also said in the abovementioned documents that, in fact, the independence of the judicial power was ‘already politically condemned to remain some theoretical principle,’ which only functions sometimes as an argument in some theoretical edifice.

‘It is maybe the time that, leaving behind any personal reasons, we seriously analyze the problems existing in the Romanian judicial system, without placing them under the generic notion of justice, which absorbs till destruction the reputation of the entire body of magistrates.

And it would probably be better to distinguish between laws and magistrates, between administration and magistrates, between the judicial system and the magistrates who serve it, in order to be able to establish where and how it began the discrediting of the system or the social contesting of the act of justice,’ the signers said.

President Traian Basescu on Friday, September 11, addressed a letter to the head of the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM) Virgil Viorel Andre ies, in which he asked all the CSM members and the magistrates to show understanding and cease protest actions.

The President on Thursday participated in the plenary session of the CSM, occasion on which he asked the members of the Council to immediately return to activity, also saying that their protest, causing courts being dysfunctional looks, practically, like a strike.
‘We need to immediately return to normal,’ he told the CSM members.

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