Gov’t accepts 39 of 773 amendments to unitary pay law in public sector

The Romanian government examined on Sunday the amendments tabled to the bill on unitary pay law in the public sector and accepted 39 of a total 773 tabled amendments.

One of the accepted amendments relates to the GDP share of the public sector personnel spending, which is to drop to seven percent of GDP by 2015 from nine percent, and not from nine percent to six percent of the GDP, as originally set.

According to the original law draft, the total wage supply for the public sector employees was to shrink from nine percent to six percent of GDP over 2009-20 15, and it was to expand in nominal terms from 44.6 billion lei (some 10.5 billion euros) in 2009 to 55.8 billion lei (some 13.2 billion euros) in 2015.

Government spokesperson Ioana Muntean pointed out that the principle according to which no employee in the public sector will see a diminishment of his or her current gross salary was reiterated.

The Executive also accepted the amendment which refers to the forming of a bipartite commission, of experts from some ministries and a member of each representative trade union confederation at the national level.

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