Gov’t to assume responsibility before Parliament for three laws on Tuesday

At a meeting on Tuesday, scheduled to start at 16:00, local, the Government will assume responsibility before Parliament for three law packages: on education, a uniform pay for the public sector and the restructuring of agencies operating under its authority, as well as on rationing public spending, supporting the business environment and observing the financial agreement with the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission.

The assumption of responsibility will happen in three consecutive meetings scheduled for 16:00, local, for the education law; 17:00, for the uniform pay law and 18:00 for the law on the reorganisation of governmental agencies.

The Government convened on Sunday in session to consider the amendments tabled by the MPs to the draft laws for which the Government will assume responsibility and to include them in the final version of the laws if they are found adequate.

The Government analysed nearly one quarter of the amendments to the national education law. Prime Minister Emil Boc, Education Minister Ecaterina Andronescu and special boards will continue to analyse the remaining amendments and come up with a decision on them on Monday, September 14, at a Government meeting.

Also on Sunday, the Government accepted 34 out of 294 amendments tabled by parliamentarians to the law on the reorganisation of public authorities and institutions, according to spokesperson for the Government Ioana Muntean.

Out of the 294 amendments, 69 were submitted by the Senate and 225 by the Chamber of Deputies, of which 34 passed, one from the Senate and the rest from the Chamber. The amendments were submitted on Friday after 21:00, local.

On Saturday, September 12, officials of the ministries involved in the process and union officials conducted a joint analysis of the MPs’ suggestions.
After the Saturday’s meeting, Prime Minister Boc stated that he is still determined about assuming Government’s responsibility before Parliament on September 15, the date set for it, without further delay.

The Government is also still firm about the legislative commitment included in Article 7(2) of the uniform pay law that the switchover from the current pay system to the new one will be made in stages so that during the implementation of the law no person covered by the law will see his or her gross pay diminish.

The prime minister told the meeting on Saturday with trade union officials that the Government is ready to look into and accept MPs’ amendments, and the ones of the trade unions tabled via Parliament, to the draft laws for which the Government will assume responsibility before Parliament.

The Governments says it is open to consider suggestions to improve and simplify the annexes to the uniform pay law that will be made in the following nine months by a special board that also includes union officials.

After Government assumes responsibility before Parliament, Parliament will have three days to table a motion of censure, if any. If no such motion is tabled, the daft laws are deemed passed. If such motion is tabled and passes, the Government is dismissed.

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